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First off, I would like to extend a gentle welcome to the reader and thank Mr. Al Aronowitz for giving me this little corner of his respected journal where I will be doing a monthly review of sites on the internet that in some way, shape or form deal with the style of material presented on The Blacklisted Journalist. With that said, let's get into it and see if we cannot delve into the oceanic medium of the internet and reemerge with some useful sites that we would like to recommend to our readers.

Beatles' Fans at

Yes, you guessed it! Here is a site for the devout Beatles fan. An amazing collection of photos, news, bootlegs, downloads, midis, mp3s, history, collectibles, and the list runs on ad infinitum; here is a page professionally run (literally) with a myriad of components where even the biggest Beatles junkie is sure to catch a fix. Run by Mr. Robert Fontenot, this site is updated weekly and daily with a "Today In Beatles History" tidbit and a "Spotlight" section that usually focuses at length on some sort of story guideline to be mused over or lightly contemplated.

There are two amazing strengths that guide this site giving it a noteworthy transition into our pick deemed for checking out. First, the sheer volume of information collected on the site oscillates on a spectrum from sheer silliness and fun to a more introspective glance into that major phenomenon that came to shape music forever. If you can't find it here, you may be in trouble - the links are endless. Secondly, the organization of this site stays within my standard maxim when recommending a site: Keep It Simple. Even the most common user will find that he is adept in retrieving the information he or she desires while being able to move about with complete alacrity.
If you are into The Beatles check them out at: http:www.//

The Atlantic Monthly Journal Online

I am throwing this one in here for good measure. Quite simply, The Atlantic Monthly is filled with all sorts of goodies. The great thing about this online journal is content - lots of it! From poetry to short stories to criticism to politics, this is a great site to visit. Because of the sheer number of articles, bookmarking this site can be very rewarding due to the fact that you probably will not be able to take all of the stories in during one sitting. I truly recommend that anyone interested in the literary world give this site at least one run through. The Atlantic Monthly may not be for everyone, but for those who understand its appeal, you won't be disappointed. This is a very charming online forum that will widen your literary horizons.
Check out The Atlantic at:

The Woodstock Journal
This is famed Beat writer and Fugs founder Ed Sanders' socially, environmentally, poetically and politically conscious e-publication out of Woodstock, New York. Nostalgic, idealistic, American, whimsical, fun and serious all at the same time - these are a very few of the traits that come to mind when reviewing this site.
There is a very definite vibe one picks up when visiting this site, and that vibe is a union of positive energy working for change. The Woodstock Journal offers the charm of that of a town crier with a grassroots democracy at work. It reminds me of an early colonial publication when life moved at a little slower, yet loftier pace here in the states.
Check this one out if you are still one who believes in the founding principles of this country and the positive effects that writers can have in promoting social change. If that isn't enough, Lawrence Ferlinghetti periodically contributes his own articles to the journal. And just to show you how concerned Mr. Sanders is for his readers' liberties, he has even posted seven places "Where Not To Smoke Pot In Woodstock" - I told you this was an environmentally conscious journal.
Visit The Woodstock Journal here:

Lip Magazine
A true outlet for the American iconoclast, Lip is a sharp, edgy online magazine with a small staff of irascible and talented writers. If you really want to cut through the dogmatic interpretations presented by more mainstream online magazines, then you should like this one. Lip Magazine pulls no punches.
The great thing about these small online publications is that there are no corporations or special interest groups propagandizing what they do and do not want said. If you don't believe this, just read the article where award-winning poet Mart?n Espada tells off Nike after being courted to write a poem for one of their ad campaigns. Or, if that is not enough to convince your jaded disposition, then read the interview with Christopher Hitchens talking about his book on Mother Teresa called The Missionary Position.
If you want to read a magazine that disregards popular opinion and goes straight after the corruptive machine molding collective thought around the world, then checkout Lip at: 


PBS Online
I was reminded of this website the other day, when turning on my television, who do I happen to catch a glimpse of but none other than the blacklisted journalist himself, Al Aronowitz. A wealth and wide scale array of information, PBS online pretty much speaks for itself. From Greek Antiquity to the Romans all the way up to a ten-part history of Rock 'n Roll, you get a great perspective on events from people like Al.
Visit PBS online at:

Well, I wanted to give the reader a good link to something that covers a wide array of the Beat aspect, and I think that I found a pretty good one here. Besides the fact that I really like the way that this site is set up, there is a tremendous load of content to found in the Blue Neon Alley.

The reason that I favor this site pretty much has to do with the depth of material that is presented to you, the spectator. It goes far beyond most sites dedicated to the Beat movement, and it isn't just about Kerouac. If you happen to visit this site you will be given the opportunity to really delve into that subterranean world that became a part of all that Jack Kerouac came to stylize and symbolize. To be honest, it is rather futile for me to try and explain all that has been composed on this site, but if you are interested in using the web to further explore these American icons associated with the word beat, then you won't be disappointed.
Check out Jack Kerouac's Blue Neon Alley here at:

This one is for all you Absinthe drinking, rebel rousing, poets in flight. Since Arthur Rimbaud has had such a lasting influence on myself, I thought I would pass along the torch (and the burden) of admiring one of the greatest poets ever to wander the earth (quite literally).

Not too much here, but there is a great excerpt from Henry Miller's Time of the Assassins. A great site for those who have never heard of Rimbaud, or those just curious about learning more about the young, eccentric poet who changed poetry forever. If you wish to explore this site, make sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom for subsequent navigation.
This site also keeps the viewer up to date with events surrounding the young poet. Check out The Drunken Boat at:


For all of you Morrison fans that can't get enough, this is for you. Contained on this site is an excerpted portion of interviews done by a small group of people who knew Jim Morrison. Among the interviews are Ray Manzarek and none other than the Blacklisted Journalist himself.

Catch a rare glimpse of the man, not the legend here:

More Reviews To Come… Next Month…

Special features include some sites on literary criticism, Bob Dylan, The Doors - Antonin Artaud and Otto Rank, The Village Voice and much more.
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